J. K. Rowling has confirmed that the mysterious Pottermore is new interactive online website that will allow readers to navigate through Harry Potter stories.

Pottermore, which Rowling created in partnership with Sony, will include an interactive reading experience of the Harry Potter books. Added to that, the seven Harry Potter novels will be available as ebooks and audio books in October.

Harry Potter fans were expecting an encyclopaedia, a new book, an online game that revolves around Harry Potter's universe, and purchasing original Harry Potter films. Meanwhile, some fans were expecting a new series totally unrelated to Harry Potter.

But everything turned disappointing after the announcement of interactive website was unveiled today with no clear details about the contents of the site. Some fans have already downloaded Harry Potter ebooks and films that was illegally taken from various blogs and torrent sites.

Some people are confused as to why Rowling launched another new website when The Leaky Cauldron website offers everything that is related to Harry Potter series and films.

The Leaky Cauldron website offers news, image and video galleries, downloadable widgets, a chat room and discussion forum, and an essay project called Scribbulus, among other offerings. The site's current webmaster is Melissa Anelli, a former journalist for the Staten Island Advance.

Some people are apprehensive that the announcement might be related to another money-making idea of Rowling after she completed the series and not continuing another Harry Potter edition. Added to this, the film series are almost over with the last film scheduled for July release. And some believe that The Leaky Cauldron website is not owned by Rowling, so she has planned Pottermore for minting money.

Adding fuel to fire is the news that due to overwhelming access to the site, Pottermore is currently not accepting email addresses for some strange reason. It is obvious that the mystery ploy behind Pottermore will continue till July 31, which is Harry Potter's birthday, when the registration will begin.