Today, Power Efficiency Corp., a clean tech company focused on efficiency technology for electric motors, announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has granted the company a patent for a core algorithm used in its revolutionary E-Save Technology®. The patent encompasses the method, system and apparatus for controlling electric motors and optimizing their energy use.

Power Efficiency developed its E-Save Technology platform to reduce electric motor energy consumption. Electric motors usually are sized for the worst case operating conditions of the equipment it powers. Typically, it is common to see a motor operate at less than 40% of the rated load for significant periods of time. E-Save Technology allows for variation in the load profile and adjusts the amount of energy required to optimize the energy use of the motor. Results have shown an energy savings of about 35% in appropriate applications.

“This is a very important patent for Power Efficiency,” said Steve Strasser, Chairman and CEO of Power Efficiency Corporation. “This patent covers the core control algorithm for reducing electricity use by an electric motor when it is lightly loaded and so is an integral part of our E-Save Technology platform. We are extremely proud of this technology because of the significant savings it creates for applications driven by Alternating Current Induction Motors, the workhorses of industrial and commercial equipment throughout the world. This is the second patent the company has been granted to date as part of its E-Save Technology platform.”

With its 3-phase Motor Efficiency Controllers, Power Efficiency has established itself in the vertical transportation market, with numerous high profile installations at large airports, transit systems, entertainment complexes and even in the U.S. Capitol Complex. The company is also working with several large end users, OEMs and distributors to increase its participation in industrial markets.