Say goodbye to the dream life in Miami, Angela. Season 2 of “Power” premiered on Starz Saturday night, picking right up with the drama from the Season 1 finale. James “Ghost” St. Patrick (Omari Hardwick) was nearly assassinated by one of Kanan’s (Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson) henchwoman, while Tommy’s (Joseph Sikora) favor for Ruiz (Luis Antonio Ramos) nearly backfired when Angela (Lela Loren) showed up and identified herself as a member of the government drug task force. Elsewhere, Tasha (Naturi Naughton) began to prepare for a life without Ghost as Kanan made Shawn (Sinqua Walls) promise to keep his early prison release a secret.

So, what happened in episode 1 of “Power” Season 2? Check out nine things we learned from the action-packed episode:

1. Kanan Learns Pink Sneakers Failed At Taking Out Ghost

In Season 1, Kanan told Pink Sneakers (Leslie Lopez) to take out Ghost before he was released from jail. But as viewers know, Pink Sneakers accidentally ended up hitting Holly (Lucy Walters). The lack of results does not please Kanan, and Shawn ends up seeing a frightening side of his dad when he resorts to violence in order to track down his rogue assassin.

But Kanan does manage to hit Ghost where it hurts. The police shut down Truth for an unknown period of time.

2. Tommy’s Misunderstanding

Upon learning that Angela is really a federal prosecutor, Tommy believes that Ghost’s mistress is playing him in order to take down their drug industry. He breaks into Angela’s apartment to take her out, but becomes troubled when he finds Ghost’s Miami luggage on her floor. Thinking that Ghost set him up to take the fall for the drugs, Tommy goes on the run – not knowing that Holly was in the hospital.

3. A New Agent In Town

Angela faces consequences at work after Nomar’s (Vinicius Machado) assassination. A new agent takes over the Lobos (Enrique Murciano) case, replacing Angela with Cooper (Shane Johnson) as the lead. But that’s not the worst that Angela faces at work. Her new supervisor puts her on “white collar” work, completely removing her from having any involvement with the case.

4. Tasha Steps Up … And Makes A Demand

With Tommy missing and not returning any of Ghost’s calls, Ghost begins to panic – not just because his best friend and business partner could be dead, but because he promised Lobos that they would distribute double the goods. Tasha steps up to the plate and volunteers to help Ghost just like the old days. However, she makes one demand – stop seeing Angela. Ghost promises that he “handled it,” but the next scene is a passionate hookup between the lovers. And although Ghost doesn’t break things off with his mistress, he does tell Angela that his “situation changed” and that he can’t go through with his divorce from Tasha at the moment.

5. Simon Stern’s New Twist

Upon hearing about Truth’s shooting, Simon Stern (Victor Garber) offers to help James reopen the club – if her reconsiders letting him buy him out for six million dollars. Unfortunately for Stern, James still has no interest in selling Truth. However, the rich nightclub owner still manages to one up James. Although James won a hearing to reopen Truth, he discovers that his new landlord won’t sign off on the papers … and that’s because his new landlord is Stern.

6. Angela’s New Connection

Angela isn’t ready to give up on the Lobos case. It turns out that she stole Nomar’s phone from the murder scene. Although her new supervisor pulled her from the case, Angela decides to pursue a new lead – Isabel (Yainis Ynoa), Ruiz’s 14-year-old daughter.”

Angela hatches the idea after going undercover at Nomar’s wake, which ironically was paid for by Ruiz – the man who hired Tommy to take out his pedophile soldier after finding out that he was sexting his daughter. Isabel meets up with Angela after receiving a text from Nomar’s phone, but the teen is hesitant to talk about what happened because she doesn’t want to incriminate her father. However, when Angela tells Isabel that a white man was the one that killed Nomar, Isabel appears to reconsider talking to her.

7. Meet Tommy’s Mother

A paranoid Tommy is holed up at his coke-head mother’s house in order to avoid Ghost and whoever else he believes is trying to take him out. However, his old friend hunts him down.

Tommy pulls a gun on Ghost when he enters the house, accusing him of attempting to frame him for the whole drug business. But when he tells Ghost about Angela’s occupation he realizes that Ghost had no idea what his mistress does for a living.

“What kind of lawyers do you think work for the government?” Tommy yells at Ghost when he says that all Angela told him was that she was a lawyer that worked for the government.

Tommy wants to take Angela out, believing that her whole affair with Ghost has been a way for her to collect evidence about their organization. But Ghost wants to think first. He buys some time by telling Tommy that Holly is in the hospital after getting shot at Truth.

8. Shawn’s Loyalty

Where does Shawn’s loyalty lie? Kanan is trying to figure that out. He gifts his son with a gun, but Shawn is hesitant to take it. He explains that Ghost doesn’t like having a gun in the car in case they get pulled over.

“Whatever Ghost don’t know won’t hurt him,” Kanan tells Shawn as his son pockets the gun.

9. James Sees The Real Angela

After learning that Angela is a federal prosecutor, James decides to pay her a visit – while strapped with a gun. Angela appears oblivious to James’ troubled look and offers to make him food. While James waits for his food, he asks Angie a question: “So baby, how was work?”

“Power” Season 2 airs on Starz on Saturdays at 9 p.m. EDT.