“Power” Season 3, episode 8 featured some shocking developments and revelations.

The latest episode of “Power” Season 3 is aptly titled “Trust Me” because trust and loyalties were put to the test in episode 8. Milan (Callan Mulvey) appears to be succeeding in recruiting Tommy (Joseph Sikora) over to his side and turning him completely against Ghost (Omari Hardwick). LaKeisha (La La Anthony) discovers Tasha’s (Naturi Naughton) money-laundering scheme. Kanan (Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson ) finds a new possible weapon to use against St. Patrick in the form of his son, while Angela (Lela Loren) resorts to desperate measures to cover for Ghost.

Ghost has yet to succeed in outsmarting Milan, and it’s costing him big. Ghost’s dream of expanding his nightclub empire is dashed after Dre (Olurotimi "Rotimi" Akinosho) tells him that the Bassetts have decided to take their hotel expansion deal somewhere else. MJ (Arija Bareikis), the agent from the Office of Professional Review, approaches St. Patrick and offers to give him full immunity if he’ll testify against Angela.

After getting beaten into a bloody pulp by Milan’s henchmen, Tommy wakes up in the Serbian drug lord’s headquarters. Milan, sensing that things might be rocky between Tommy and Ghost, tells him that if he cooperates with him, he can move up the ranks and take his place when he retires from the drug business. Milan then tells Tommy to meet with his other drug lieutenants to discuss selling more product in Ghost’s clubs.

When Tommy meets up with Ghost later, he doesn’t tell him about the beat-down he got from Milan’s goons. Ghost asks Tommy to help him find the identity of Hugo’s (Gabriel Sloyer) mole in the Assistant U.S. Attorney’s office (AUSA). Tommy refuses at first, but Ghost convinces him that they need to find the contact or they’ll “go down with Angela.” The two then ambush Hugo, planning on torturing the name of the mole out of him. However, Hugo makes the mistake of goading Tommy by mentioning Bella the dog and Holly (Lucy Walters), triggering Tommy to lose it and shoot him several times in the chest. Ghost, shocked by Tommy’s actions, tells him off for killing their only lead.

Meanwhile, Milan visits Tasha at LaKeisha’s beauty salon, where he tells her he knows about her money-laundering scheme. Tasha warns him not to say anything to Keisha about her laundering Tommy’s drug money through the salon, but it turns out Keisha was eavesdropping on their conversation and heard anyway. After Milan leaves, a livid Keisha starts berating her best friend about her betrayal, saying, “I could go to jail! If I get caught, who’s going to raise my son?” However, Tasha says that now that Milan is aware of the salon being used as a front for money-laundering, they can’t stop the business or it will raise suspicion.

But Milan isn’t the only person Ghost needs to watch out for as Kanan is slowly closing in on the St. Patrick family. He introduces himself to Tariq (Michael Rainey Jr.) as an old family friend of his father’s, but Dre steps in before Kanan can lure Tariq away and takes Ghost’s son home. Kanan doesn’t stop there, however, and goes to Tariq’s school the following day, where he offers to give the teen a tour of his father’s hometown. Planning to kill the boy, Kanan takes Tariq to his own apartment. But when the teen confesses that he hates Ghost and wants to get back at his father, Kanan begins to formulate a plan to use Tariq against his Ghost.

Angela has her hands full trying to find the mole and covering up hers and Ghost's tracks. She approaches Tasha and interrogates her about Ghost’s and Tommy’s alibis on the night of Lobos’ (Enrique Murciano) murder. She lies to Angela and tells her Tommy was with his mother (Patricia Kalember) for the entire day, and later informs Tommy that Angela is investigating him. Tommy goes to his mother’s place in Long Island, where he finds Angela interrogating Kate. He insists that he was at home with Kate watching television on the night Lobos was killed and warns Angela that her panicked actions might draw more unwanted attention to him, Ghost and Angela herself.

However, Angela resorts to more drastic measures to cover up her and Ghost’s tracks. Still continuing her ruse of wanting to pin down Ghost, she goes to Greg’s (Andy Bean) apartment and shows him surveillance footage of St. Patrick and Tasha at the hotel. When Greg makes a move on her, she lets him take her to bed in hopes that he will stop investigating Ghost. However, he doesn’t fall for it and later texts Medina (Greg Serano), “I think Angela is working with St. Patrick. I think we can get them both.”

Find out what happens next when “Power” Season 3, episode 9 airs Sunday, Sept. 18 at 10 p.m. EDT on Starz.