Power3 Medical Products, Inc., www.power3medical.com – one of the foremost biotech operations specializing in cancer and neurodegenerative diagnostics, specifically Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Lou Gehrig’s disease (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or ALS), announced an amazing new breakthrough discovery today in conjunction with renown psychiatrist Lourdes R. Bosquez, MD.

The Company’s leading Alzheimer’s diagnostic, NuroPro®, proved a hitherto unknown pharmaceutical ability to actually flag and track responses to drug treatment, as clinically distinct differences were detected in the response of NuroPro biomarkers in untreated patients when compared to those treated with the leading anti-dementia drugs Aricept® (Donepezil HCl, Pfizer), Exelon® (Rivastigmine, Novartis), and Namenda® (Memantine HCl, Forest Laboratories).

This is truly remarkable and offers a powerful new way to actually monitor a patient’s reaction to drug treatment, the incipient phenomenology of the disease itself, and its cascade failure-inducing degeneration of neurological tissue despite often temporary recoveries of faculties and cognition.

President and CEO of PWRM, Ira L. Goldknopf, Ph.D., called the breakthrough a tool which will provide physicians with an “invaluable perspective” from which to assay the individual patient’s condition, profoundly aiding the speedy arrival at a more comprehensive diagnostic and treatment regimen for Alzheimer’s and other diseases.

Dr. Bosquez noted the power of this amazing new discovery to quantify intuition and vast amounts of clinical observation within the medical community, while helping to overcome other problems physicians face, such as how to select the ideal treatment for a given patient and how to analyze, treat and find more permanent solutions for the dementias associated with the scourge of Alzheimer’s.

Having filed for patents for these revolutionary new findings, PWRM plans to publish its seminal results very soon in one of the global scientific community’s most acclaimed and peer-reviewed journals; the Company also plans to demonstrate the clinical parameters of NuroPro to healthcare industry professionals all over the planet in a concerted effort to generate sales for the diagnostic test, while simultaneously pushing a joint distribution initiative with several big-name potential business partners (like those mentioned above) to capitalize on drug development pipeline synergies.