PowerSecure, www.powersecure.com – provider of a variety of energy and smart grid solutions, ranging from energy efficient street lights or commercial lighting products, to smart grid-ready Interactive Distributed Generation® systems, announced commissioning by the US Army today, Apr. 11, of a Smart Charging Micro-Grid (SCMG) solution at Wheeler Army Airfield in Hawaii.

The system was designed from the start to provide US Army a remote location- and smart grid-ready power solution that offered breakthrough performance in the areas of fuel consumption, cost, reliability and safety. Incorporation of solar and optional wind resources into this combined technology platform, that enables electric vehicles (EVs) to charge, and be charged by the Micro-Grid, also makes the system more robust due to providing mobilization capacity without assisted resupply.

CEO of POWR, Sidney Hinton, expressed great excitement at the opportunity to deliver such “first-of-a-kind technology” to the US Army and emphasized the improved battlefield safety that this system provides, in addition to cost/efficiency improvements over existing solutions.

Hinton cited the huge quantity of effort that went into the design of the SCMG system and pledged to continue to devote significant resources to the evolution of the system throughout its first large-scale installation, perfecting/refining the overall design towards the status of battlefield readiness.

The system represents a technological milestone in many ways and will form the basis for a new generation of power management applications for military field locations.

The SCMG creates a redundant and autonomous power solution for remote locations, increasing power availability/reliability, while reducing the number/size of generators required and enabling more sophisticated control of a wide variety of generator types. This performance envelope represents a highly flexible power solution that is ideal for US Army operations, resulting in battlefield per-unit improvements.

The SCMG also incorporates more sophisticated storage technology, further extending the performance envelope and because the system is designed to optimize power distribution in real-time, overall fuel efficiency is also improved.

This is a major boon for POWR, which has already built a strong foundation of solutions around products like the EfficientLights® LED for commercial locations and SecureLite/PowerLite street light solutions for utilities and municipalities. The Company continues to develop intelligent, cutting-edge and environmentally-friendly power solutions that are able to forecast demand and respond in real-time. This reputation makes POWR a provider of choice for major operators like the US Army, a very stable position as the energy sector worldwide picks up tremendous steam amid rapidly emerging alternative energy.