PowerVerde, Inc. manufactures advanced renewable power generator systems comprised of gas pressure and gas expansion motors. These systems operate without fossil fuels, creating electric power from any low grade heat or adequate pressure source.

The company today announced the completion and successful testing of their 50 kilowatt electric power renewable waste heat recovery system named the ‘Liberator’. Under a previously announced letter of intent with the Dutch renewable energy investment company, Newton Investments, PowerVerde will ship the first of five planned systems the week of July 4th. Newton is also in final negotiations with PowerVerde to offer the technology to private factories, farms, greenhouses, biomass and geothermal plants, along with government-funded projects.

PowerVerde believes that the Liberator may be the most efficient waste heat recovery system ever demonstrated. The company is confident that the opportunities this system creates, especially for the European market, could possibly change the renewable energy landscape for good; and the overall energy landscape too, in light of nuclear power plant closures in the aftermath of the Japanese disaster.

Newton’s president Piet van der Hoop also believes strongly in the company and its Liberator technology. He recently stated, “After reviewing hundreds of renewable power companies, we believe PowerVerde has the best ability to deliver an industrial style non-intermittent continuous power product capable of creating distributed energy solutions.”

For additional information on PowerVerde and its technology, please visit the company’s website at www.PowerVerdeEnergy.com.