December corn was up 6 1/4 cents late in the overnight session. Grains, metals and energy markets all turned higher about the same time overnight as China policy rumors and less fears from Europe helped to support a bounce. Strong domestic demand news and rumors that China may ease monetary policy was enough to push the market back up near the high end of the recent trading range overnight. The market traded as much as 4 1/4 lower overnight before buying emerged to support. The market has seen weak export demand news clash with continued talk of lower yield for the USDA report next week to hold the market in a tight consolidation. Ethanol production for the week ending October 28th averaged 916,000 barrels per day. This was up 0.77% from last week and up 5.9% from last year. Total Ethanol production for the week was 6.412 million barrels which is near a 1-year high. Corn used in last week's production is estimated at 97.57 million bushels as compared with an average of 96.3 million bushels needed per week to meet the USDA estimate. Stocks were 17.2 million barrels, down 0.53% on the week. Fund traders were more aggressive traders late in the session yesterday to push the market to a 5-session low close. Increased concerns that next week's USDA yield estimate could be higher, not lower, than last month helped to pressure. Private estimates Tuesday and again yesterday came in with a slight increase in yield from last month and this news helped to pressure. Traders seem to be looking for a drop in yield for next week's production report of about 1 bushel per acre. If so, and other numbers left unchanged, ending stocks could slip to near 778 million bushels as compared with 866 million last month and 1.128 billion last year. If yield is normal next year and there are 2 million more acres planted, ending stocks could swell to 2.2 billion bushels. While some traders see lower export demand in next week's update, both Mexico and China seem to be buying more US corn than had been expected. Argentina is still in talks with China to set up corn export protocol ahead of their new crop corn harvest due early next year.