December corn was down 1 cent late in the overnight session. Outside market forces are mixed this morning with weak equity markets but higher trade for gold and energy. The market has stayed in a fairly tight range since the last monthly supply/demand update, and traders look for smaller yield and tighter ending stock numbers for the report on Wednesday. Traders suspect a drop in yield of about 1/2 of a bushel per acre from 148.1 last month. Traders see ending stocks dropping near 70 million bushels from 866 million posted last month. Cash markets remain strong, and ethanol margins are very strong, so tight producer selling is supporting the firm cash markets. The Commitments of Traders reports carried a positive tilt this week, as non-commercial traders were net long 224,086 contracts, an increase of 10,590 for the week. The buying trend is supportive, and the net long is low compared with recent months. Commodity index traders held a net long position of 336,997 contracts, down 299. December corn closed 2 1/4 cents higher on the session Friday, which left the market up just 3/4 cent higher for the week. Bearish outside market forces emerged near the opening Friday to help push the market moderately lower on the session. However, even while the stock market stayed weak and the US dollar strong, the corn market managed to find enough support to trade higher on the session late in the day. Drier weather in the Midwest is expected to boost the tail end of the harvest. Traders see harvest approaching 90% for the weekly update this afternoon. Focus is shifting to the USDA Crop Production and supply/demand reports for Wednesday. Better than expected demand from China and Mexico for US corn is expected to offset the weaker export outlook for most other countries, as US corn is priced higher than most alternatives, including wheat. Brazil corn plantings are thought to be near 70% complete, and the weather so far is favorable, but traders are watching out for dryness in Argentina.