December corn was down 4 1/2 cents late in the overnight session. Outside market forces look mixed today with strong US equity indications but lower energy prices. There were no deliveries for first notice day for September corn. Traders remain concerned with deteriorating crop conditions and the fast maturing corn crop in the US and its impact on yield. Accelerating maturing could end the growing season early for many producers and could force lower yields. In June there was a big concern that there would not be any corn for harvest by early September due to late plantings, but harvest will be active in the next few weeks. Illinois is now 72% denting from 61% as the 5-year average and Iowa is 70% vs. 50% average. A shorter than normal grain filling period may cause lighter ear weights and lower yield. Cheap feedwheat prices in Russia and hopes for a normal seasonal break in prices into harvest are factors which could keep short-term export sales slow. Ahead of their harvest, China's corn prices hit another new record high price, up 1% or so in the past week. Corn futures at the Dalian exchange in China were up 0.25% overnight to an equivalent of around $9.53 for the May 2012 contract. Pork prices in China rose for the third week in a row, up 0.3% in the past week. The hog population in China in July was estimated at 461.4 million head, up 4% from February. For comparison, the June 1st US population was 65 million head. As of October 1st Brazil will cut the blend of ethanol in its gasoline to 20% from the current 25%, due to the disappointing cane harvest. This may slow exports of US ethanol to Brazil. December corn closed slightly higher on the session yesterday and up sharply from the early lows. Talk of the overbought condition of the market plus weakness in wheat and a strong US dollar helped pressure the market early. A further steep declines in crop conditions from key US states was seen as a factor to help support the market on the break. Iowa crop conditions slipped to just 59% good to excellent from 63% last week and 69% last year. Illinois was down 1% to 41% from 62% last year. In a survey of near 1,000 farmers, Farm Futures magazine indicated that corn planted area in 2012 could reach 93.87 million acres, up 1.7% from this year and a new record high. Traders also see a jump in plantings for South America. Ukraine is now expected to see a record high corn harvest of near 18-20 million tonnes and exports of near 10-12 million. Ukraine exported 5.1 million tonnes last year.