Working in the natural resources world, one comes very quickly to understand that nothing is a guarantee. All sorts of variables tend to pop-up when you least expect them. Profit potential, however, is very large and worth the calculated risk, in most instances. The question is how does one take and assess that risk. In this regard, an investor can also add a bit of risk where historical allegiances are concerned. In current times, we might associate this with Democrats and Republicans, but do not be fooled, there are many other way’s for this thought to be played out.

Precision Petroleum Corp., a development stage oil and gas energy exploration company, works to locate and develop oil, gas and energy properties in North America. The company has recently closed on several existing and potentially profitable properties in Oklahoma with plans for expansion in a historically productive region.

Although the company is relatively young in nature, it has taken on a business plan which represents a low risk profile. Its first property acquisitions are established with substantial expansion opportunities. The first property is 40 acres with one well and feeder well possibilities. This has been added to with an adjacent property that has the same production potential. The opportunity, in this instance, is that the first property has a history of 85 bbls per day but has been scaled back to 35bbls per day as the secondary property is developed. In a general sense, this might indicate that the company is looking to be a long-term player working to make sure that revenue streams remain consistent but maximized.

Moving forward, the company will likely find its real profit potential in the Powder River Basin, Montana. The American Indian Crow tribe sits on vast amounts of coal, methane, natural gas, gravel, bentonite, dolomite and forestry products. In many past attempts, companies have worked to access these resources with little success, due to internal tribal politics. For whatever reasons, Precision Petroleum may have been able to move the process forward and may be able to benefit. As the politics of this sort of thing can really never be known, there is no way of telling how things will turn out. However, Precision Petroleum does appear to be close on this project and has a solid and sustainable production plan with other oil and natural gas projects. Although natural resources investments are never a totally reliable item, Precision Petroleum Corp. may be a worthwhile shot.