Kim Kardashian West is pregnant again and she’s already starting to go through some health issues. The reality TV star’s first pregnancy was riddled with health complications and this time around, she’s come down with laryngitis at the tail end of her first trimester.

E! News caught up with Kim in Nashville, Tennessee on Tuesday while she was in town to attend the U.S. launch of Hype Energy Drinks. Kim wore a salmon dress made out of body-hugging latex. She barely showed off her tiny baby bump at the event, which she attended despite feeling under the weather.

Kim was hoarse as she stepped up to the microphone to speak to E! News reporters. She explained that she had laryngitis and she lost her voice. Even though she wore a ready smile on her face, Kim took to Twitter to rant about how she was feeling while she was waiting for the event to start. She said that she felt “sick on all levels.”

Despite feeling sick, Mrs. West still pushed through with her work obligations and told E! that she plans to keep doing it for a while longer. She said that she will be slowing down but she still has a few months wherein she could safely travel despite her pregnancy.  

Laryngitis aside, Kim hasn’t spoken about other pregnancy-related health problems so far. During her first pregnancy, Kim suffered through months of agony. She was in constant pain and ended up in the emergency room on several occasions. She was forced to reveal her pregnancy to her sister Kourtney on an episode of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.” She ended up in the emergency room after experiencing extreme abdominal pains and needed her sister to pick her up.

Her daughter North, who is now almost 2 years old, had to be born early because Kim was suffering from preeclampsia. The condition puts both the mother and baby in danger due to high blood pressure and damage to organs.

Kim had been open and vocal about her ordeal but insisted that it was all worth it in the end when she was blessed with her daughter. Now that she’s pregnant again, after battling fertility issues, it remains to be seen if this pregnancy will bring about the same kind of health complications.