Premier Power Renewable Energy, a global provider of large and small-scale solar power systems, recently announced that the company has received contracts for more than 400 kilowatts of solar rooftop installations in Spain. Leading the solar power markets in the United States, Spain and Italy, these commercial rooftop projects will utilize crystalline modules provided by General Electric, two of which are agricultural operations. Premier Power expects to complete all three projects by the end of December 2009.

Bjorn Persson, executive vice president of European operations for Premier Power, stated, “We continue to see substantial growth opportunity in Spain for rooftop and building integrated solar energy systems. The macro economic environment and rising electricity costs are driving commercial property and business owners to invest in solar energy systems as a way to offset these higher costs.” He continued, “With a majority of Spain’s rooftop solar energy targets unmet, and increased incentives to utilize rooftop solar installations, the commercial rooftop market is quickly becoming the leading solar market segment in Spain.”

Premier Power’s technologies and services have enabled global customers to maximize clean energy output. By designing and deploying the most innovative solar electric systems through unmatched engineering and design expertise, the company is well positioned to capitalize on global commercial rooftop opportunities and further build its leadership role in this fast-growing market.