President Barack Obama vowed to restore the U.S. economic prosperity and fight obstruction with action in dealing with Congress, as he is currently runs for re-election as the economy still struggling to recover from the recession.

In the State of the Union address, Obama sets out both of his policy priorities and his campaign themes, as he merges a call to rebuild the U.S. economy on a stronger foundation with a promise to confront critics who stand in the way.

In this context, we note that Obama is currently promoting for his second election by giving hope for the nation for the U.S. economy, especially that the U.S. economy is presently experiencing some difficulties in recovery during this period, and Obama prepares to submit a plan to support the idea of ??equal and fair opportunities in the economy and to achieve economic prosperity for all.

On the other hand, Obama stressed on two factors that the economy must be based on the skills and manufacturing, and stated the policies that is supposed to be imposed along with a part of his new plan for the campaign ahead.