President Barack Obama gave remarks Thursday to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the peace treaty signed between Israel and Egypt.

The peace treaty between the two nations was signed March 26, 1979 at the White House, marking the first time such a treaty had been signed between Israel and any of the Arab nations in the region.

Israel had a policy at the time of one-on-one negotiations for peace with its neighbors, but Egypt was the only country to actually talk with them.

The treaty was denounced by the other Arab nations in the region, but Egypt itself has stood by the commitments of the treaty.

Today marks the anniversary of the peace treaty between Egypt and Israel, signed thirty years ago at the White House, Obama said in his remarks Thursday.

As we commemorate this historic event, we recall that peace is always possible even in the face of seemingly intractable conflicts.

Obama said that he honored the courage and foresight of Egyptian and Israeli leaders behind the treaty, stating they stood together in unity to change the course of our shared history.

Today, Obama continued, as we seek to expand the circle of peace among Arabs and Israelis, we take inspiration from what Israel and Egypt achieved three decades ago, knowing that the destination is worthy of the struggle.

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