President Barack Obama held a joint press conference with Turkish President Abdullah Gül Monday, where the two leaders discussed a variety of issues concerning relations between the US and Turkey.

The conference was a part of Obama's first visit to an Islamic nation as president, a visit that marks the end of Obama's first overseas trip as president.

Obama said that he is making a statement with his trip to Turkey, saying his visit emphasizes the importance of Turkey not just to the United States but to the world.

The president said that he and Gül talked about a variety of issues during their meeting, including Turkey's role in moving forward in dealing with the situation in Afghanistan, working together to continue the progress that has been made in Iraq and on how to achieve peace in the Middle East.

I reiterated my support to make sure that we are supporting Turkey in dealing with terrorist threats they may experience, Obama said.

He noted that, although the US-Turkey relationship has been characterized just by military issues, there's enormous possibilities for us to grow the economy and to make sure that trade between our countries and commerce and the lines of communication between our two countries continually strengthen, because we think that that's going to be good for Turkey, but it's also going to be good for the United States.

Obama argued that the meeting would show that the US is willing to work with Middle Eastern nations to establish a set of strategies that can bridge the divide between the Muslim world and the West that can make us more prosperous and more secure.

President Gül, meanwhile, stated, Most of our relations seem to be on a military and political dimension, but we are also determined to move forward on the economic dimension of our relations.

In we look at Turkish-American issues, Gül continued, we see that the United States is very much interested, and must be interested, in important issues around the world as a superpower, and Turkey is an important country in her region, and Turkey is very much interested in many subjects.

He added he was pleased that the US and Turkey have great understanding for each other and they work in cooperation with each other.

Gül called fighting terrorism one of the most important issues for both of the countries, and the cooperation that we've had so far will be further developed.

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