Only three episodes remain in season 4 of “Pretty Little Liars” – and things are getting INTENSE. The girls (and viewers) are desperate for answers, but the questions keep piling up. Whom can Aria, Hanna, Spencer and Emily trust as they try to figure out what happened to Alison? Fans will have to wait until the episode 24’s season finale, “A is for Answers,” but the leaked synopsis for episode 22 reveals some interesting clues.  

Episode 22 will air on Tuesday and will find the liars split – two will be searching for answers, while the other two will be trying to “come to terms with what they have learned.” According to the synopsis for “Cover For Me,” the two ladies searching for answers are Emily and Hanna. The former swimming star will be digging for clues regarding Ezra’s relationship with Mona. But eventually she will hang up her sleuth gear and straight up confront the pair about their sketchy doings. The confrontation will end with a shocking realization as “Emily tries to make sense of the heartbreaking situation.”

Hanna, on the other hand, will be approached by Detective Holbrook and Lt. Tanner about a possible new lead in Alison’s murder. “Pretty Little Liars” fans will remember that Paige went against Emily’s wishes in episode 21 and left an anonymous note for the police stating that Alison was alive. While it’s unclear if Paige’s note is the “possible new lead,” Hanna will begin a new search after talking with the officers … possibly looking for clues to identify the person who ratted Alison out.

As for Aria and Spencer? You’d think after Ezra’s betrayal that Aria would swear off boys for a while, but she’s jumping right back on the saddle with a new dude named Riley. Aria will meet Riley, an aspiring musician, while visiting her father at Syracuse. A video clip released by TV Line shows that the pair will be ditching a tour of the university in order to hang out and nurse a hangover. How SCANDALOUS!

Pretty Little Liars Spencer will be leaning on newcomer Dean for help in episode 22 of "Pretty Little Liars." Photo: ABC Family

Meanwhile, Spencer will be getting a workout with former “Vampire Diaries” star Nathaniel Buzolic. As we previously reported, Buzolic will play Dean, who will arrive in town with one mission: “Help Spencer … whether she likes it or not.”

Episode 22 of “Pretty Little Liars” will air on ABC Family on Tuesday at 8 p.m. EST. Take our poll below and let us know what you think will happen in “Cover For Me” by sending a tweet to @AmandaTVScoop.

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