Is Officer Gabriel Holbrook leaving Rosewood for good? According to reports, Sean Faris, who plays the super-hot cop on the hit series “Pretty Little Liars,” has landed himself a new gig on the “Supernatural” spinoff “Tribes.” Rumor has it that Faris’ new character will be a complete 180 from the authoritative role he plays on ABC.

Instead of enforcing the law, Faris will be breaking the rules in “Tribes” as he dabbles in the monster world of mafias as a werewolf. Now that’s something to howl about!

Faris will star as Julian Durant, the son of a wealthy family of lycanthropes who has no love for the shape-shifting Hayden clan, according to TV Line. For those who don’t know, a lycanthrope is a fancy term for werewolf.

What’s the Durants' beef with the Hayden family? We’re not sure, but we do know that the Haydens are one of Chicago’s most powerful monster families. And the Durants aren’t the only ones who are sick of them. Nathaniele Buzolic, who will be playing David Hayden, has had enough of his family’s corrupt ways and he’s decided to take up a “human” life as the son of a ruling family.

So that raises the question of how these three characters will meet. Well, “Tribes” will initially follow the story of a young man named Ennis Roth (Lucien Laviscount) who is seeking revenge after his fiancé was killed in a monster war crossfire. Could the crossfire be between the Durants and the Haydens? We'll find out during “Tribes” premiere when the CW series airs throughout the 20th episode of “Supernatural” on April 29.

While looking for vengeance, Roth will set out to hunt down the supernatural mafias who are lurking throughout the Windy City. The protagonist’s plan is to take down any paranormal creatures still residing in Chicago, which means fans should expect some sort of showdown among Laviscount's, Harris' and Buzolic’s characters.

Does this mean that Faris is leaving “Pretty Little Liars”? We doubt it—especially after he just got kissed by Hannah! We're dying to see how their relationship will unfold.

Are you excited to see Officer Holbrook as a mischievous monster? Let us know your thoughts about the new “Supernatural” spinoff character in the comments section below.