One “Pretty Little Liar” may be facing some jail time. After being caught trying to bury a gun in episode five, Hanna finds herself at the police station in episode six – and facing up to seven years in prison.

Avoiding talking to the police, both of Hanna’s parents come to pay her bail. But the police still have the gun, and they’re running tests to see if it was the one that killed Detective Wilden.

Hanna is forced to stay home until hearing back from the D.A., and the rest of the girls end up facing their own fair share of drama in school. Emily gets a shock in the locker room when Shana shows up and reveals that she’s transferred to Rosewood … and joined the swimming team. Mona shakes things up for Spencer when she calls her out in front of Aria and Emily for knowing about Toby stealing the RV; and Aria gets a nasty surprise when she offers to tutor her brother’s friend, Connor … and Connor tells the whole school that they hooked up.

While at home, Hanna finally hears her mom’s side of the story on Wilden. Although the evidence keeps piling up against her, Hanna’s mom insists to her ex-husband that she’s innocent. According to Ashley, Wilden was threatening her and Hanna. She went to her ex-husband to get money to pay him to leave them alone, but couldn’t get enough. Instead she stole the gun to defend herself when she went to go meet him. Ashley claims that Wilden grabbed the gun out of her hands, and that she ran – and did not shoot him. But while Ashley finally revealed the truth, her ex thinks that she should just tell the police that she shot him in self-defense.

Wanting to help Hanna through this tough time, Emily asks her for the tape from Wilden’s cop car. But Hanna is afraid that “A” will do something to her father if she gives it to the police, Emily promises that she’ll take care of it, and she anonymously places a CD on Lt. Tanner’s desk.

Meanwhile, Spencer is trying to gain back Aria and Emily’s trust by going on a field trip to Ravenswood with Toby in an attempt to get some answers about Alison. Making a phone call to the Gamma Zeta sorority house, Spencer learns that Mrs. Grunwald, the former housemother, used to disappear in the house but later reappear like she never left. Finding out that she lives in Ravenswood, Spencer wants to ask her some questions and find out if it was her on the other end of the mysterious phone number.

Driving into Ravenswood, Spencer and Toby are immediately spooked by the large graveyards and random tombstones that are on the side of the road. Stopping to ask for directions, the creep factor grows when they’re ignored on the street while a mysterious person watches them from a window.

Finally finding the house that Mrs. Gunwald is supposed to live in, a groundskeeper tells them that he doesn’t know anyone by that name … but as soon as they leave he makes a phone call. Fortunately their time in Rosewood wasn’t a complete dead end. Making their way back into town, Spencer spies Mrs. Grunwald inside a hair salon. Approaching her about Alison and the phone calls, the woman insists that none of it rings a bell and that she’s not who Spencer thinks she is.

Frustrated, Spencer leaves … only to discover the Ravenswood townspeople following the sound of odd music to a graveyard. At the graveyard they surround an angel statue, but while the townspeople are unfamiliar to her, one person stands out – Shana. Spencer and Toby follow Shana and see her hop into Jenna’s car and peel off. About to follow Shana and Jenna, they’re stopped when a raven flies into their windshield and dies.

Heading back to Rosewood to tell the girls about her discovery, things go from bad to worse. Lt. Tanner asks Emily to come down to the station, and it’s revealed that someone switched out the tape she dropped off from Wilden’s cop car with a tape of someone wearing a mask of her face and holding a sign that says “guilty.” Meanwhile, Connor’s car gets smashed by a hooded figure, and Ashley is arrested when tests reveal that the gun WAS used to kill Wilden and her fingerprints are on the bullets.

Episode six, “Under The Gun,” ends with “A” wearing an Emily mask and stealing a car.