Happy 100th episode of “Pretty Little Liars”! Aria, Spencer, Emily, Hanna and Alison have been through a lot since the ABC Family show premiered in 2010 -- and the special 100th episode of the hit series revealed that they still have a lot more of drama ahead of them. Check out the top 10 jaw dropping moments from episode 5, “Miss Me x 100”:

1. Welcome Home, Jenna

Jenna has been missing in action for quite some time, but Toby’s stepsister is finally back in Rosewood. While Aria and Ezra were out for a walk they discovered Alison talking to someone in an SUV. But that wasn’t the big shocker. As the two exes confronted Alison, a bus dropped of Jenna.

While the trio looked on in shock, Spencer was with Toby when he got the call from Jenna. His stepsister had been staying in New York, but returned to town after the death of Shana. Jenna was completely broken up on the phone about Shana, and the girls have one major theory about her big return to Rosewood: They think Jenna came back to finish what Shana started.

2. Mrs. Hastings Drops A Major Bombshell

Last time we “Pretty Little Liars” fans left off, Spencer’s dad told her that her mom was staying at a spa for a couple of days to get some space from the crime scene at the house. However Mrs. Hastings has a different side to the story. Surprising Spencer at the principal’s office, Mrs. Hastings drops a major bombshell: “I’m leaving your father and you’re coming with me.”

Mrs. Hastings revealed she hired a private investigator and discovered her husband and Melissa were not at a diner in Ridgefield the night Mrs. DiLaurentis was killed. Although there is no actual evidence they killed Alison’s mom, things are definitely not looking good.

3. The Paige And Alison Showdown

Paige is not happy about Alison’s return to school. Instead of joining in on Mona’s army, Paige handles things her own way by ditching school and avoiding Alison at every turn. However Emily calls her out for it. Desperate to clear things up between the two important people in her life, she invites both of them to hash it out in her room.

Paige told Alison she was happy she was gone and Alison apologized. But even with the tears streaming down Alison’s face, Paige couldn’t forgive her for all the hurt she caused her years ago.

4. Alison’s Confession To Emily

Alison may be back, but the girls aren’t falling in line with her. Alison asked to tag along on Emily’s plans for the night, and Emily shot her down. But Alison always had a way of getting into Alison’s head. Apologizing to Emily, she told her old friend she always made her feel her feelings were one sided -- but that was never truly the case.

“Those kisses weren’t just for practice,” Alison came clean.

5. Caleb’s Back

Caleb returned from Ravenswood and didn’t tell Hanna. The pair ran into each other at a coffee shop. And instead of speaking with his ex, Caleb decided to flee when she turned her back.

6. Alison And Mona’s Confrontation

When Alison left Emily’s house she realized a car was following her. Seeking shelter at the local church, Alison discovered the person trailing her was none other than Mona.

Despite Alison telling Mona that she’s not scared of her, Mona tried her best to motivate Alison to leave town -- she even threatened to expose her location the night Shana died. However, Alison refused to bite.

“I made you ‘Loser Mona’ once and you know I can do it again,” Alison fired at Mona, telling her that she is already winning over her “army of losers.”

Mona slapped Alison, and Alison slapped her right back -- leaving a giant cut across her face.

7. Ezria’s Steamy Hookup

Aria showed up at Ezra’s with key lime pie from Paula’s Pie. While feasting on the dessert, Aria continued to confess her struggles with guilt over Shana’s death. But Ezra showed Aria his scar and told her to stop feeling sorry.

“I don’t want to hear you’re sorry ever again,” he told her before embracing her in a steamy lip lock.

Let’s just say that things didn’t end with that kiss.

8. Emily And Alison’s Kiss

Emily agreed to stay over Alison’s house after her shake up with Mona. The pair shared a bed and their feelings got the best of them. Alison and Emily embraced in a kiss for which “Pretty Little Liars” fans have been dying.

9. Mona’s Sneaky Plan

Alison lied to Aria, Spencer, Emily and Hanna about Mona’s attack. While she did tell them Mona slapped her, she failed to tell them that she fired right back. Mona had a trick up her sleeve to expose Alison’s latest lie at school.

“Alison attacked me last night,” she told the four Liars. The group didn’t believe Mona until she showed them that she filmed the entire showdown. The girls were shocked to hear Alison say “Loser Mona” and even more surprised that Alison lied about the fight. Angry with the lies that never seem to stop, the girls all walked out on Mona.

10. Mona’s Real Army

“Pretty Little Liars” viewers already know of Mona’s army with Lucas and Melissa. However, she also has a couple of other people on her team -- Chloe and Jenna. The three girls met up and revealed they’re plotting to separate Alison from her four friends.

11. Hanna And Caleb Finally Talk

Hanna finally got a chance to talk to Caleb. Stalking out her ex-boyfriend in the park, she discovers him drinking a beer. When she asked why he didn’t tell her he was back, Caleb explained he wasn’t trying to screw things up with her and Travis.

As for things in Ravenswood? All Caleb would say was he hadn’t seen Miranda and doesn’t know if she ever found her family.

12. The Body In Alison’s Grave

Who is the girl in Alison’s grave? The answer was finally revealed in the 100th episode. The body was identified by the Rosewood Police as Bethany Young, a 17-year-old patient at Radley. She was believed to have run away from the hospital on the night Alison was “allegedly kidnapped.”

13. BOOM

The group was in shock as they learned about the body and that the police are suspicious of Alison’s kidnapping story. However there was no time to process the story because an explosion caused the window in Emily’s house to shatter.

Everyone headed outside and discovered the street in shambles. Furniture was in flames in the street while cars were overturned -- but the big shocker was Toby’s house was on fire. Despite Spencer’s pleas to stay where he was, Toby ran into the burning house.

14. Cryptic Text

As the girls watched in horror as Toby ran towards the wreckage, they all received a text at the same time. While no one would read the message, the camera cut to a hooded and gloved figure moving into an apartment. With a dollhouse set up, the hooded figure took out an Alison Barbie doll -- exposing that “A” was alive and ready to continue torturing the girls.

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