Think the Season 5 premiere of “Pretty Little Liars” was intense? Episode 2, “Whirly Girlie,” kicked it up a notch.

The latest episode of ABC Family’s hit drama kicked off with the five Liars returning to Rosewood on a bus. But Alison wasn’t ready to face the music. Worried about coming face to face with her mom – who helped bury her alive – Alison tried to hop back on the bus out of town. But fortunately she has her friends on her side now. Spencer and the rest of the girls convinced her that the right thing to do is go to the police and come clean with everything – including what happened to Jenna.

Alison had a change of heart when she got into the police station, though. When Officer Holbrook asked her to answer some questions about the night she disappeared, Alison dropped a major bomb on everyone.

“I didn’t disappear,” she told Holbrook. “I was kidnapped and held hostage for two years. If it weren’t for my friends I wouldn’t be standing here. They saved my life.”

Needless to say, the girls were shocked at Alison’s new claim. And unfortunately for Alison, Holbrook wasn’t buying her crazy tale.

Before Alison can dig herself (and the rest of the girls) into another grave, Mr. DiLaurentis came to her rescue. But one person was suspiciously missing from Alison’s reunion – her mother, Jessica.

As Alison reunites with her dad, the rest of the Liars head home. But knowing that “A” is gone is not as relaxing as the girls thought it would be. Aria’s freaking out over (and hearing things) after killing Shana; Spencer’s angry that Alison made up another lie to the police; and Emily is back to protecting Alison from everyone’s scrutiny. On top of all that, the girls still have to worry about who tried to kill Alison in the first place – and Jason is looking more suspicious than ever.

Emily and Spencer catch him cleaning out the back of his car in the middle of the night, and when they go through his garbage they discover evidence that he was in New York the same night they were. But before they can figure out their next step, Alison surprises them with a chilling new text message:

“The truth will bury you in a New York minute.”

As the girls try to figure out who could be their new “A,” Mr. DiLaurentis is trying to find his (almost) ex-wife. Jason’s not talking, and Mr. D’s last resort is Ashley, who has access to Mrs. D’s emails. But Mrs. D’s presence is still around – because a dog she supposedly adopted was dropped off to their house.

The Hastings family doesn’t have to deal with a missing family member or a new dog, but they are definitely juggling their own problems. Mrs. Hastings knows that her husband and Melissa are hiding something, but she doesn’t know what. To make matters worse, Toby returned from London to reveal that he never actually met up with Melissa as Melissa claimed. According to Toby, Wren had said that Melissa wasn’t staying in London anymore.

While Spencer and Mrs. Hastings are unsure what to make of Toby’s news, Aria’s continuing to freak out over Shana and Alison’s latest lie. Because the police believe that Alison was hiding in a cabin for a month, Aria’s stressed about making the lie look believable. But she has bigger problems at home – Mona weaseled her way back into Mike’s life.

Although “Pretty Little Liars” fans saw Mona forming an anti-Alison army in the Season 5 premiere, she’s putting on a different front in public. Her new scheme is to hand out whistles and set up an app that will protect other Rosewood girls from getting “kidnapped.” And while Mona acts innocent enough with Aria, she confronts Alison at her gravesite.

“Did you follow me?” Alison asked Mona. “I’m not supposed to be out of my house. But I had to come here to say goodbye. The girl they made that for, she really is gone. I can’t be that person anymore, Mona. I know you hated me, wanted me to go straight to hell. Going there was easy. But you and me, we understand each other. I need you, Mona … as a friend.”

But Mona didn’t bite. Instead she revealed to her former archnemesis that it was she who sent the “New York minute” text.

“I don’t have to pretend to be anyone else anymore,” Mona told Alison. “I don’t have to hide … you do. You’re going to wish you stayed dead.”

Alison’s shocked, but nothing could compare to the big surprise at the end of the episode. Spencer tried to confront Jason about being in New York, but barking from outside drew her into the backyard. When she got into the back she discovered a gruesome sight – Mrs. DiLaurentis’ hand coming out of a shallow grave.