The lies are piling up on “Pretty Little Liars.” The hit ABC Family series returned for its fifth season earlier this month, and the drama has been nonstop since then. Between Alison’s kidnapping story, the death of Mrs. DiLaurentis, Melissa’s huge secret and Mona’s new army, fans of the show can’t look away! Fortunately viewers can get a look at the upcoming shenanigans before episode 4 airs thanks to three sneak peek videos.

“Thrown from the Ride” will find all five girls struggling after New York -- however it won’t just be because of Shana’s attack. Alison will once again try to take on the leadership position in the group, but the former Queen B will discover that her friends are “not as willing to blindly follow her every whim.”

The power struggle in their friendship will have to be put on the backburner though, because after Ali’s kidnapping lie the girls are starting to feel the pressure of “being under the microscope.” On top of the “morbid curiosity,” the Liars also have to deal with a group of students who are concerned about what Alison’s return to school means for them.

Meanwhile Aria will continue to spiral out of control in episode 4. Suffering from depression due to her involvement in Shana’s death, the teen will look to an “unlikely source” for comfort.

Watch the three sneak peek videos below:

Sneak Peek 1

The first sneak peek video features Mrs. Hastings and Spencer. And as usual, Spencer is pestering her mom about family secrets. Desperate to know what her dad and Melissa are hiding, she tries to get her mom to admit that something’s off. However Mrs. Hastings won’t encourage her daughter’s digging around … especially since their backyard is still a crime scene in Mrs. DiLaurentis’ murder.

Sneak Peek 2

Emily and the new girl, Sydney, seem to be growing closer in the second sneak peek look from episode 4. While Emily was initially cautious about helping Sydney with her swim technique, it’s now turning into a great way for Emily to escape from her problems -- like her mom and Alison.

Since returning from New York, Emily’s been getting questioned by her mother -- something that is driving her up a wall. And while that’s expected, it’s surprising Emily is trying to avoid Alison. In the clip Emily can be seen ignoring a phone call from her old friend, and instead making plans with Sydney to meet up for training during the weekend.

But Emily and Sydney’s growing friendship isn’t the best part of the video. Rather, it’s Emily’s awkward run in with Paige.

Sneak Peek 3

The third and final clip from episode 4 of “Pretty Little Liars” features Alison, who is definitely having a hard time adapting to her new “old” life. Trying to get in touch with Emily, Alison begins to text her a message: “Can you call me back please? -- A.” But before she sends the text she decides to completely write out her name.

Unfortunately for Alison, Emily’s decision to ignore her is the least of her problems. Her dad reveals police want her to come down for a medical exam. While she was able to postpone the police due to her mother’s death, there is nothing else that she can use to prolong her face-to-face with Officer Holbrook.

Episode 4 of “Pretty Little Liars” will air on ABC Family on Tuesday, July 1, at 8 p.m. EDT. What do you think will happen in “Thrown From The Ride”? Tweet your thoughts to @AmandaTVScoop.