“Pretty Little Liars” fans are not going to want to miss episode 5 on Tuesday, July 8. “Miss Me x 100” is the ABC Family drama’s 100th episode … and it’s going to be epic.

Fortunately viewers don’t have to wait until 8 p.m. EDT to dive into the latest Rosewood drama. The first seven minutes from Tuesday’s special episode have been released online.

As we previously reported, episode 5 will find Alison returning to Rosewood High School … despite Mona’s threat. But in usual Mona fashion, she’s got a couple of things up her stylish sleeves to make sure Alison’s first day back is one she’ll regret.

With gossip and rumors surrounding her “kidnapping,” Alison will put on a “brave face” for her re-entry into the halls. However, the discovery she made online in episode 4 about her classmate’s dislike for her will definitely take a toll on her. The former Queen B will try to “help heal the damage she did years ago,” but the promo video for the milestone episode tells a slightly different story.

“I made you ‘Loser Mona’ once and you know I can do it again,” Alison can be seen angrily telling her nemesis in the 100th episode preview.

Fans of “Pretty Little Liars” can watch the drama unfold when episode 5, “Miss Me x 100,” airs on ABC Family on Tuesday, July 8, at 8 p.m. EDT. Watch the first seven minutes of the 100th episode below and check out our breakdown:

-Hanna is worried about returning to school with Alison and becoming her “puppet” again.

-Aria and Ezra are still growing closer thanks to her obsession with Shana.

-Alison’s back to her old tricks. Aria and Ezra spy Alison out and about in town talking to a mysterious person in an SUV.

-Jenna returns to Rosewood on a bus.

-Toby thinks Spencer should cut off her “toxic” relationship with Alison.

-Toby gets a call from Spencer about Shana’s death.

-Aria wants Spencer to tell Toby the truth about New York.

-The girls are nervous about Jenna being back in town and believe she’s there to finish what Shana started.

-Alison claims she’s going to try and make amends with everyone she hurt.

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