An online trading service provider, Prime4x supplies a unique and individualized service to Forex traders worldwide. A fast-developing company and its business principal is the operation of financial services. Offers a wide range of financial solutions geared towards addressing the needs of large corporations, institutional investors and private clients. Its collection of companies has expertise in brokerage, asset management, corporate finance, and financial IT solutions. Was established in 2005 in Cyprus and our services are all controlled by the international banking and financial regulatory standards.

Prime4x offers the most competitive trading conditions :

1. 2pips Fixed
(Prime4x offers its clients 2pips fixed on all (majors)

2. No Commission
(Prime4x offer its clients trading without commission even on the Futures/CFD's)

3. Hedging capabilities
(Prime4x is one of few companies that offer its clients the hedging capability )

4. No Wire or Banking Fees
(Prime4x is committed to pay all the banking fees which mean that what you pay is what you trade with and you don't need to pay extra money to start trading )

5. Streamline dealing with no request for quote for up to 40 million.

6. Highest Leverage 1:500
(Prime4x is offering fixable leverage starting 1:1 to 1:500)

7. No Margin Call
(Prime4x is offering No maintenance margin, no margin call and no automatic closing of positions below the initial margin level during weekdays for accounts with initial equity of up to $1 million. )

8. Islamic Accounts
(Prime4x is offering Islamic accounts for Muslims who afraid from trading forex due to their religion prohibitions)

9. All trading orders including stop- loss & take-profit are active till cancelled.
(Prime4x will not cancel any order till its cancelled from your side )

10. Trade Micro, Mini or Stander Lots
(Prime4x offers its clients the option to trade the type of lots they like and that they could see that it will help them in their trading)

11. Instant Execution
(Prime4x offers its client instant execution for all orders because it know that time is important in the Forex trading)

12. Multi terminal Platform (MT4)
(Prime4x offers its clients the best and the most friendly platform (MT4) because most if not all Forex traders prefer that platform in their trading)

13. Different types of accounts (Micro/Stander/Premier/Institution)
(Prime4x offer different account types to cover all the customer needs and segments )

14. Trade in the news time.
(Prime4x offers its clients to trade without stop which mean even in the news time that most of the brokers doesn't allow their customers to trade Prime4x giving that option to its clients to trade within the news time)

15. Advanced trading tools
(Prime4x support its clients with the most advanced trading tools that could help them in their trading . )

16. No Dealing Desk
(Prime4x offers its clients trading without dealing desk which mean that the trader could execute all his orders as fast as it has to be)