Prince Charles arrived all smiles at a charity concert Saturday, and was seen driving a vintage Aston Martin -- the car that Prince William and Kate Middleton used during their wedding in 2011. The royal drove himself to St. Mary’s Church in Gloucestershire to attend a classical concert for the “Music In Country Churches” charity which he supports, according to People

Four years ago, Prince Charles loaned the rare 1969 Aston Martin to his son Prince William and bride Kate Middleton to be used for the couple’s wedding day. The open-topped sports car, which was then decked out with ribbons along with a “Just Married” sign, became one of the highlights of that day.

It’s no surprise that royal fans clamored to take pictures of the vintage car and pose in front of it. Around 40 to 50 people were said to have taken out their mobile phones and cameras to capture a snapshot of the Aston Martin. A seasoned observer told People, "I've been to this event a few times but I've never seen so many people try this before. There were so many people they were almost queuing up to have their picture taken in front of the car. Some people were almost pressing their noses up against the windows."

The rare 46-year-old Aston Martin was given to Prince Charles by Queen Elizabeth II on his 21st birthday, according to Hello magazine. It’s apparent how Prince Charles has taken great care of the classic vehicle over the years. The eco-friendly royal even had it converted to run on bioethanol fuel, a petrol substitute made from waste.

Meanwhile, May has been a thrilling month for the royal family with the arrival of Princess Charlotte. It was reported how Prince Charles has been hoping for a granddaughter and now he has one. Earlier this month, Us Weekly shared that the proud grandfather has every intention of spoiling Princess Charlotte and hopes that she will one day take care of him in return.