Prince Charles of Wales is likely to be jealous of the media coverage his son William, Duke of Cambridge, and daughter-in-law Catherine (or Kate Middleton), Duchess of Cambridge, got during their wildly triumphant North American tour, according to royal author Phil Dampier.

Dampier, who writes on royal families, has suggested that Prince Charles may be jealous of the popularity and the media attention William and Kate are getting just as he felt overshadowed by Diana many years ago.

While Kate and William's visit to Canada and the US drew huge crowds, Prince Charles and his wife Camilla attracted small crowds when they visited Canada two years ago. They also got a modest media coverage compared to what Kate and William got.

Dampier said it is likely that Charles feels sidelined by his son.

From that moment people would be less interested in what he has to say on issues such as the environment and architecture if, on the same day, Kate is wearing a new dress, Dampier said.

With the Queen's headline-grabbing Irish tour too, Charles feels his work could get overlooked, he added.

However, there are also concerns that too much media attention can destroy a happy marriage and the royal family. According to a Sunday report in the Mirroe, Prince Charles has good reason to worry about the side effect of William and Kate mania.

According to the report, Charles has seen how excessive media coverage have destroyed his marriage with Princess Diana and damaged the royal family. The report has suggested that the media spare the newlyweds and give them some privacy.