Prince George Faces: The Many Cute And Grumpy Faces Of The Royal Baby [PHOTOS]

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Prince George In just a year, Prince George of Cambridge made some cute faces in public.

As third in line to the throne, Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge may one day be the royal face of the United Kingdom. He has already shown his future subjects many cute faces of his own.

Prince George, who celebrates his first birthday on July 22, has already led a busy life. He made his public debut at one-day old, when his parents, William and Kate, presented him to the press and the eager crowds outside the hospital where he was born. He’s already racked up three weeks’ worth of air miles on a tour of New Zealand and Australia. He’s battled a bilby and even had to interact with his subjects in a mandatory playdate Down Under.

In honor of his first birthday, here are some of the many faces of Prince George.

Prince George's "over it" grumpy face:

Prince George's "over it" face Prince George is "over it" as the royal family leaves Canberra on April 25, 2014.
Prince George over it at the Zoo Prince George is over the Bilby at the Taronga Zoo.
Prince George over his lay date The little royal is over his forced play date at Government House in Wellington on April 9.
Prince George over it at the Zoo He's over the zoo.
Prince George's christening He's not a fan of his dress.
Prince George over Wellington He's over Wellington and definitely over flying.
Prince George over flying "Hello, Wellington. Over you already."

He's hungry and not afraid to show it:

Prince George hungry Paper is not tasty, especially at the zoo.
Prince George hungry Kate Middleton's hair is good enough to eat....
Prince George hungry ....smells good enough to eat....
Prince George hungry ....ok it's not edible.
Prince George hungry "Nom nom."

A royal prince is not always happy ...

Angry Prince George He does not want to be at the zoo.
Angry Prince George Enough airplanes, already.
Angry Prince George Long past over the Bilby.
Angry Prince George Not pleased with his subjects.
Angry Prince George Is it the sweater or more flying?
Angry Prince George "Can't I get some privacy?"
Angry Prince George "Are we going home yet?"
Angry Prince George Not in any mood to play.
Angry Prince George "Is it not clear I want to nap?"
Angry Prince George "I'm not even going to look at you, mum."

But Prince George is a happy baby.

Happy Prince George face Prince George is all smiles when he sees a Bilby.
Happy Prince George face He loves toys.
Happy Prince George face "Thanks, Dad!!!"
Happy Prince George face George the Bilby and George the Prince meet.
Happy Prince George face He loves animals.
Happy Prince George face "EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"

BONUS: Kate said this photo taken by photographer Simon Woolf during her son's playdate at Government House in Wellington was her favorite. "She said it was just lovely and that it was her favorite photo of the tour," Woolf said.


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