After photos were released of Prince Harry partying naked in Las Vegas during a game a strip billiards, his rumored girlfriend, Cressida Bonas, has reportedly dumped him.

The 27-year old prince has kept quiet after the naked picture scandal, but it is apparently affecting his private life, as Bonas, 23, has allegedly dumped him after feeling humiliating. 

One of the photos shows Prince Harry grabbing a seemingly topless woman from behind while he himself was naked.

"Cressida saw a future with Harry but then he went and embarrassed her like he did in Vegas. He clearly isn't as serious about her as he had claimed to's highly embarrassing. He's ruined his chances now. She's humiliated," a friend of the blond heiress told the Mirror. Bonas is the daughter of 1960s covergirl Lady Mary-Gaye Curzon.

According to RadarOnline, Prince Harry plans to make a public apology, and a source told the gossip site, "Harry regrets the embarrassment he has caused the royal family around the world and plans on apologizing for his antics...He got a stern-telling off from his father, Prince Charles, as well as the Queen, who reminded him of his responsibilities as a member of the royal family."

In Britain,"The Sun" printed the photos of the Prince's naked photos, defying the wishes of the royal family, who did not want the pictures shown in any UK publications. Rupert Murdoch, who owns "The Sun," defended the decision to show the images, arguing that they were in the public interest, according to CBS. After the scandal broke out, Murdoch wrote on Twitter:

"Only lesson for Prince Harry: avoid playmates with cameras!"