Prince Harry's tabloid-making U.S. tour continued this week as the 27-year-old partied the night away in Las Vegas.

What happens in Vegas typically stays in Vegas - unless you happen to be the paparazzi's favorite red-headed royal.

On his first trip to Sin City, the prince started the party late Friday night at Wynn Las Vegas' Tryst Nightclub and quickly took up quarters at the VIP table. At first, Harry went relatively unnoticed as he bounced around the indoor-outdoor club, which features a large outdoor waterfall.

The fun-loving royal -- third in line to the throne -- was later spotted jumping into the lap of one of his security guards and falling to the floor laughing when he dropped off, according to People Magazine.

Between Grey Goose vodka tonics, Harry was seen chatting up a black-skirted blonde and dancing for a brunette. There's no word as to whether the prince landed himself a Vegas showgirl.

It wasn't until 3 a.m. that Captain Wales, as he's known in the British Army Air Corps, retired to his suite at the top-rated Wynn resort.

The British royal is in the U.S. as part of his military training, but as hard as he's worked, he's found plenty of time to play.

Harry's offered the British tabloids mounds of fodder on his raucous romp through the United States. Earlier this month, the playboy prince was reportedly warned off the small town American sweethearts in Gila Bend, Arizona - where he's currently finishing the last stage of an intense live fire training course.

Several British tabloids reported that the town's mayor told Harry he better think twice about fornicating with the town's very pretty girls.

The mayor claims these statements were both taken out of context and fabricated, but the stories ran anyway, furthering the prince's revelrous reputation.

In October, the British prince made headlines for his flirtatious (and much-debated) kiss with California cocktail waitress Jessica Donaldson. Donaldson was called a Kate Middleton lookalike and the two shared a much-publicized, drink-fueled weekend together.

Harry, a British Army helicopter pilot, is a tabloid regular. He's been spotted with a number of potential love interests since splitting up with long-term, off-and-on girlfriend Chelsy Davy, a Zimbabwe native. Aside from his alleged soirée with Jessica Donaldson (who had a boyfriend at the time), Harry was photographed diving bare-chested into a fountain in Croatia during the summer and was once upon a time filmed snorting vodka - though one has to take some of these reports with a grain of salt.