Prince Harry of Wales' time in the United States has ended. The member of the British Royal Family and active duty member of the British Navy has finished his training stint in Arizona and is headed home to England.

The proverbial spare prince had been in the states doing training with helicopters, CNN reports.The training took place in Arizona and California.

The prince has made waves in the past for his romantic flings and his partying ways, so earlier this month the Mayor of Gila Bend, Arizona--home of one of the bases where the training occurred--warned him that he might want to stay away from the local women or risk incurring the wrath of certain community members.

'There are probably some fathers here who would go to extremes to protect their daughters,' said Mayor Ron Henry, according to the Globe and Mail.

Harry did manage to work some American recreation into his time across the pond, according to Us Weekly. He ate pizza, shopped at Wal-Mart and rode a rented Harley Davidson motorcycle.

The training in America is a continuation of what has been an eventful military career for the brother of future king Prince William. In 2008, he had to be pulled from the front lines in Afghanistan after it was leaked to the press that his unit was fighting there. The British military thought he could be targeted and that it endangered the mission and the other soldiers serving with him.