Prince Harry will visit Nepal in March. His office at Kensington Palace reportedly announced the news on Thursday. The British royal will get to know about the steps being taken to rebuild peoples’ lives and restore buildings and infrastructure in the country after the devastation caused by recent earthquakes.

Kensington Palace said that Harry, 31, will tour the country from March 20-23. “Prince Harry is really looking forward to his first trip to Nepal. It is a country he has long wanted to visit,” a representative of the palace reportedly said. 

The statement confirming his visit said that Harry was moved by the stories of resilience of the people following the earthquakes last year. The prince is now keen to learn more about their country and culture. Both Britain and Nepal are currently celebrating 200 years of cooperation.

Meanwhile, the Gurkha regiment of the British Army has been providing assistance to the earthquake-ravaged areas. During his service in Afghanistan, the prince worked along with Gurkha soldiers. Harry will reportedly visit the British Gurkha Camp in Pokhara, where he will acknowledge the bravery and service of the “exceptional group of soldiers.”

Nepal is endowed with mountains and scenic beauty and Harry will take a trek in one of the country’s national parks, the palace reportedly said. He will meet Bidya Devi Bhandari, the president of Nepal. His Nepal tour will begin and end in Kathmandu. 

Meanwhile, in another development, Harry partied with a host of A-list celebrities including Australian actress Margot Robbie in December. The “Suicide Squad” actress told Entertainment Tonight that she had no idea that it was Prince Harry whom she chatted with at the party, leave alone the fact that he was also famous.