Prince Harry has had the reputation of being the wilder brother between him and Prince William, and according to a new photo taken at the 2012 London Olympics, the redheaded prince is also the goofier one, too.

Prince Harry donned a yellow Angry Birds hat as he played ping-pong at the Womad (World of Music and Dance) music festival in Wiltshire, England. You can check out the photo of Harry in his fuzzy Angry Birds hat here.

Harry attended the music festival with girlfriend Cressida Bonas, according to

"The two reportedly kept close throughout the festivities," the gossip site said.

The Angry Bird hat Harry wore is modeled after the game character simply known as Yellow Bird, whose aliases include Marching Bird, Lazer Bird and Accelerator Bird, according to this fan wiki.

The triangular-shaped bird is a useful choice for attacking wood in the addictive mobile game but don't use him on stone or ice, according to strategies on the wiki site.

E! analyzed why Harry would wear a silly Angry Birds hat, fashioned after the addictive mobile game where the player slings apparently angry (why they're angry, we'll never know) birds at pigs. The site suggested Harry's official duties as prince get too intense, so the royal needs to show his playful side once in a while.

"Well, all work and no play makes Harry a dull boy. And since we can't have that, the young royal nobly took a break from his vigorous Olympics-spectating schedule (ahem) and donned the comic headpiece while attending the WOMAD music festival in Wiltshire last weekend," Gina Serpe of E! wrote.

Harry's attendance at the festival was a respite from his hectic schedule at the 2012 Summer Games, where he's been seen cheering on Britains' best in London along with brother William, sister-in-law Kate Middleton and British Prime Minister David Cameron.

New York magazine had fun with Harry's Angry Birds hat.

"Why bother with crowns when this is an option?" asked writer Alex Rees.