The newlywed royal couple Prince William and Kate Middleton are enjoying their romantic moment of togetherness and a rumor that their residence Kensington Palace is haunted with ghosts and ghouls, doesn't annoy them. No wonder, they plan to open the place for visitors on Halloween.

According to the Kensington Palace press release, the visitors, who buy the $33 ticket, will get an opportunity to see the Room of Royal Sorrow, where Queen Mary II wept for her infertility as the legend goes; and the Room of the World, where Peter the Wild Boy ran amok. A ghost might even be waiting for ships at the window in the palace.

The Eerie Evening Tours of Enchanted Palace is scheduled over Halloween weekend from 28 Oct. to 31 Oct. Only one tour is offered per evening from 18.45pm to 20.15pm.

A source, who is close to the inner workings of the palace, told The Mirror, For years now there have been rumours about Kensington Palace being haunted. In the evenings, the place has an atmosphere all of its own.

There are lots of strange and unusual stories which the warders have logged over the years. There are bumps in the night and that kind of thing. It's fascinating stuff and not for the faint-hearted.

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