Prince William apparently has a knack for the music scene. The Duke of Cambridge revealed that he is “a bit good on the bass guitar” while presenting reggae star Brinsley Forde his MBE on Tuesday. The honor meant that Forde was recognized as a Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire.

The two also engaged in baby talk, discussing the Duke's Princess Charlotte and Forde’s expected grandchild. In what was his second public appearance since the birth of his daughter on May 2, William presented Forde with his MBE award in an investiture ceremony in the Waterloo Chamber of Windsor Castle. The two went chatting after the event, wherein the 32-year-old royal dished on his hidden musical talent.

"I've just got a new bass player -- you might know him as the Duke of Cambridge,” Forde told the Telegraph. "He said 'I'm a bit good on the bass guitar,' so I'm thinking of signing him up, but he's got such a lot of other duties I don't know whether he'll have time to do it."

William’s father, Prince Charles, is known to play the cello, and William admitted to being a fan of rap and R&B music. This, however, was the first time he has spoken of having any musical talent himself.

Forde, the former frontman of the 1980s band Aswad, also congratulated the Duke on the birth of his daughter two weeks ago. "He said, 'She's fine, she's good,' " Forde told People. The “Don’t Turn Around” singer will soon be grandfather, as his son Jermaine and his wife are expecting a baby. Forde said Prince William wished him well.

Meanwhile, the Duke is set to send off the England women’s soccer team to FIFA Women's World Cup Canada 2015 on Wednesday, marking his third royal engagement since Charlotte’s birth. Sarah Hunter, vice captain of the England women’s rugby team, and former Portsmouth soccer player Linvoy Primus said they appreciated the prince’s time and ability to make them feel relaxed when he speaks with them, even if they thought he was still on paternal duties.

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