Prince William and wife Kate Middleton are not messing around in keeping the prying eyes of the paparazzi off their family. Only days after the birth of Princess Charlotte, the royal couple has warned the photogs to keep away from Prince George and their newborn.

According to reports from AFP, the couple had Norfolk Police distribute letters to the paparazzi detailing their demands. The letters explained that, while at home with their children and other relatives, the duke and duchess have “a more reasonable expectation of privacy.” This means no long-shot lenses and no intrusions onto their property.

The young royal family has temporarily relocated to Norfolk, north of London, where they have a quaint 10-room country home called Anmer Hall. They plan to spend the summer there to settle into life as a family of four. The people of the small village, which boasts a mere 100 residents, are said to be “pleased” to have William, Kate and the children staying there.

This isn’t the first time William and Kate have had to take a stand against the camera-wielding intruders. Just a year after the 2013 birth of Prince George, the royals were forced to release a similar statement after two cameramen followed the prince and his nanny while out and about in London. The statement called the sale of the photographs “intrusive” and asked that the paparazzi allow him “to lead as ordinary a life as possible.”

In September 2012, a French magazine published photos of the duchess swimming and sunbathing topless while vacationing in France. The publication reportedly attempted to sell the photos in England with no success. Shortly after they went to print, William and Kate filed a lawsuit stating that the photos were taken with a long-range lens, which is illegal. They won the case, forcing Closer to remove them from their website and cease further publication of the photos.