The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge plan to visit UNICEF's centre in Denmark for distributing food and medical supplies to East Africa coming Wednesday.

The initiative is one of the royal couple's first joint humanitarian missions where they will use their appeal to draw the attention of millions across the globe to the plight of the famine-stricken regions in Africa.

During their visit, the couple will be joined by the crown prince and princess of Denmark to help them in their efforts.

This will be the couple's first royal trip after their long oversees tour to Canada and the United States.

The Associated Press reported that William and Kate would be briefed about the crisis in East Africa before touring the facility and helping to pack supply boxes during their visit.

It has also been reported that in Africa, particularly in the eastern part, there are currently over 320,000 children who are suffering from severe malnutrition. There are dire food shortages in areas like Kenya, Djibouti and Ethiopia where crops have failed due to years of no rain.