Preparations are currently underway for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s upcoming royal trip to India and Bhutan. However, another element that Prince William and wife Kate Middleton would need to face together would be their upcoming temporary separation from children Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

Any parent would know that saying goodbye to very young kids would be a challenging and emotional time. Prince William and Kate would soon have to do the same given their upcoming week-long trip. This would be the first time that the royal couple would be apart for a long time from two year old Prince George and almost one year old Princess Charlotte.

Maternity nurse Sarah Dixon, who worked with friends of the royal couple, has shared in an interview with People magazine that the temporary separation generally would be harder for the parents rather than the children. Dixon also commented that Prince William and Kate’s nanny Maria Turrion Borrallo would play a critical role during the royal parents’ absence. She explained that Borrallo would have to maintain the “stability” and routines that the two children have been following.

She even added that Kate’s mother Carole Middleton may also be “on call as a back-up” to help take care of her grandchildren. Dixon also stated that Borrallo may have prepared playdates to keep the two children entertained during their parent’s royal trip. Prince William and Kate may have also set up some way to keep in touch with Prince George and Princess Charlotte, as well as be informed of their day-to-day activities.

"They will keep in touch with Skype, and I'm sure Maria will do a diary for them while they are away with pictures and photos, any moments they might have missed,” Dixon commented. She also explained that the royal couple may need “extra reassurance” that their two children are doing fine while they are away.

In the past months, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have also been following normal parent activities such as picking up Prince George from his preschool. The move was part of the royal couple’s intention to provide as much of a normal childhood as they can for their two children.

Meanwhile, Prince William and Kate’s upcoming royal trip to India and Bhutan will start on April 10 and end on April 16.