During his 3-day visit to New York City, Prince William took time out of his schedule for a day trip to Washington D.C. After meeting with President Obama, the Duke of Cambridge visited the World Bank to speak about the topic of illegal wildlife trade around the world. The prince’s speech, which was live streamed by NBC, concluded already.

Prince William left his pregnant wife Kate Middleton in the Big Apple while he made the trip to the capitol to meet with both President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden. Following his meet and greet, the future king of England went to speak at the World Bank’s third biennial meeting of the International Corruption Hunters Alliance

Prince William is a well-known advocate for wildlife preservation. He is the acting president of the United for Wildlife foundation. The Duke was reportedly late to the event thanks to his extended talks about wildlife conservation with the president. Sky News tweeted a brief clip of the two world leaders talking earlier today.

Once he arrived at the event he spoke alongside Jim Yong Kim, the president of the World Bank, about saving the world’s endangered animal population from poachers and those trafficking them privately.

The Prince is scheduled to leave the capitol and meet up with his wife in NYC. Once there, the two will reunite at a charitable event before making their way to Brooklyn to see their first basketball game.