Over the years, Kate Middleton and Prince William have both been vocal about their plans to provide as much of a normal childhood as possible for their two children Prince George and Princess Charlotte. A recent report has provided a quick glimpse on how the royal couple have adapted to parenthood and some of their “normal” family activities.

Living under the constant attention of media, critics and royal watchers can easily put strain on a family, especially to parents with very young children. This may be one of the reasons why the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been adamant to live as much of a “normal” life for their two children in Norfolk. The royal parents have even adapted some routines that parents from ordinary families follow.

A source shared in an interview with Us Weekly magazine that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been taking turns to drop-off son Prince George to his pre-school. The East Walton’s Westacre Montessori School is located around 10 miles from the royal family’s Anmer Hall county home in Norfolk. The two-year-old prince goes to the said pre-school three times a week.

Avid royal fans may recall the Duke of Cambridge confidently saying after Prince George’s birth, that he can attend to the normal duties of parents such as bringing and picking up their children from school. “I very much feel if I can do it myself, I want to do it myself,” he stated.

As for Prince George, he has also taken to attending pre-school “like a duck to water,” the source added. The royal toddler was even said to become disappointed during days when he does not have school.

An insider close to the royal couple also shared with Us Weekly that the nearly one-year-old Princess Charlotte has been very close to her mother and even follows her around the house. The Duchess of Cambridge would even have her daughter near her in the kitchen when she cooks. The royal tot would be happy just to stay “right next” to her mother and watch her work.

“If Kate is in the study, Charlotte wants to be in the study ... She just prefers to be around her mum and can put on a bit of a performance if you try and make it any other way,” the insider continued.

Meanwhile, the royal couple have recently enjoyed their first skiing holiday as a family of four. The French Alps trip also marked Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s first snow adventure. A family picture taken during the trip showed the two royal children wearing huge smiles on their faces as they looked straight at the camera.