James Hewitt, a former British military officer, is selling love letters he claims were written to him by Princess Diana. In 2003 he attempted to sell the letters for £10,000,000. However, six years later he retracted his decision, saying he couldn't possibly part with them. Now it seems he's had yet another change of heart.

According to Daily Mail, Hewitt, 57, is currently attempting to sell the letters through a third party in America. He has put them up for auction with the last known highest bid at a whopping £100,000.  The collection includes eight letters and 26 cards, though the site reports that Hewitt amassed more than 60 handwritten letters during their alleged five-year affair. Of those two were reportedly written by Prince William who was just six years old at the time. While Daily Mail has reported that a majority of Hewitt and Diana’s written exchanges were innocent, some are said to have included explicit details about their physical and emotional relationship.

The Telegraph online reported that each of Diana’s letters was signed, “yours sincerely Diana” or “kissy, kissy.” In one letter she shared with Hewitt, who was away defending the country in the Gulf war, that she was feeling “very empty” after he left. In another she tells him that if he should “want to get in touch for whatever” the Buckingham Palace switchboard, abbreviated to B. P., would be able to locate her for him.

Hewitt is denying claims he is involved in the sale of the letters. Based on reports from Mirror online he has stated that he plans to keep the letters "until I die." Still, Los Angeles-based memorabilia dealer Gary Zimet claims he's been talking to the third party seller pushing the letters. Zimet has said he was told these particular letters are being made public because "they are less salacious" than others in Hewitt's extensive collection. 

At the time the letters between Princess Diana and Hewitt were penned the royal was still married to Prince Charles of Wales. She is said to have met the former British serviceman in 1986 when she hired him to help her overcome her fear of horses. Diana and Charles married in 1981 only to split 14 years later. After their divorce Diana did several interviews in which she revealed that she and Charles had been unhappy for many years, but stayed together due to outside pressure from the media and the public. She later revealed that her husband had been having an affair with now-wife Camilla Parker-Bowles, which was the final straw for her.