Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge is not the only British royal to be unsure of her new short hairstyle. Her late mother-in-law Princess Diana, also known as a fashion icon of her time, was nervous about a new slicked back "do" suggested by celebrity hairstylist Sam McKnight. However, later Diana’s slicked back "do" became one of her most iconic looks.

McKnight is responsible for doing away with Diana’s “ageing helmet hair and introduced a succession of spontaneous looking, sexier styles that were far more befitting a young woman in her early 30s.”

“She was a bit nervous about the slicked back appearance. Like many women, she used to hide behind her hair,” said McKnight. But, he added that Diana looked her best when she did not do anything to her hair. Sam revealed that the young mother would occasionally try and change her look.

He said that Diana was a bit nervous when he suggested her to change her hairstyle into a slicked back do. McKnight added that she had doubts about the makeover. Though, the royal was doubtful of her look, but women around the world dashed to the nearest hair salon to recreate the look.

McKnight took care of Diana’s gorgeous blonde locks from 1990 to 1997. He recounted how she would go and get a perm when he was not around and later both of them would sit and have a hearty laugh over it.

Sam revealed that the elegant royal was still always open to new ideas regarding her look – particularly the first time the pair ever met. He reminisced when they met for the first time; she asked him what he would do if he had a free hand with her hair. She then asked him to cut her hair short.

The celeb hairstylist said that sometimes he felt that the late princess did not need a hairdresser. Her locks always looked chic even when she did not style them, he added. McKnight once told Diana that it would be great if she did not have him coming to do her hair all the time, as her hair looked good always.