For a fan of the late Princess Diana, a dress worn by her once will always be a priced possession. Two of her iconic dresses are all set to be auctioned by Kerry Taylor Auctions in June. The late princess was a highly spirited and iconic lady.


One of the dresses is a sea-green sequined evening gown, created by Diana's favorite designer Catherine Walker. This is being sold with another of her iconic dress designed by Elizabeth and David Emanuel, who also designed her wedding dress. The blue-green sequined gown was originally auctioned by the late Princess Diana herself at Christie’s in New York in 1997, three months prior to the ill-fated accident leading to her tragic demise.

In 2013, this dress was again sold for $131,000 by Kerry Taylor Auctions. The auction house will host an auction titled “Passion for Fashion” on June 14. It has again listed the turquoise, sequined dress for sale in the range of $117,000 and $145,000.

Passion for Fasion is one of the finest sales of haute couture and historic dress and royal memorabilia. The exquisite dress was worn by Diana on her visit to Austria in 1986. She recycled the evening gown on several occasions including the premiere of a movie called “Biggles,” in 1993.

The second dress on sale worn by the late princess is a teal tartan wool day ensemble. This dress was designed by Elizabeth and David Emanuel and features a wide sailor collar and wide padded shoulders. It dress was created for Diana during her visit to Venice in 1985.

The dress is expected to sell somewhere between $14,000 and $22,000. Diana wore the tartan dress during her visit to Italy with her husband Prince Charles. The former couple went on a gondola ride and later also met their sons Princes William and Harry at the airport.