Legendary Hollywood actress Grace Kelly, or Princess Grace of Monaco, walked down the aisle to wed Prince Rainer III in a striking headpiece which was not a tiara. The unconventional Monégasque royal was not dressed like a typical bride on her wedding day, opting instead for a more casual beaded Juliet cap with an attached veil.

On top of the cap, there was a layer of lace covered in tiny pearls along with flowers. Though it was not a diamond-covered tiara, the piece was crown-like in appearance — with the pearls and flowers in the center stacked on top.

Grace’s lace-and-taffeta wedding gown was designed by Helen Rose, a costume designer from MGM, the studio the actress was still with at the time of her wedding. The company had a policy in place to provide its actresses with wedding dresses.

Both of Grace’s daughters, princesses Stephanie and Caroline, did not wear tiaras at their own weddings. And 55 years later, Princess Charlene of Monaco also followed in her late mother-in-law’s footsteps, deciding against wearing a tiara on the day of her religious wedding ceremony to Prince Albert II, Grace’s son.

Rather than wearing the tiaras on the day of their weddings, Monégasque royals have worn them the night before — as Princess Grace did. Charlene, 38, however, went tiara-less the night before her own wedding, wearing a black jumpsuit to watch the Eagles in concert.

Speaking about his one-year-old daughter Princess Gabriella, Albert, 57, said when it’s her turn to walk down the aisle, she could take her pick of her famous female relatives’ jewelry from the royal vault. “For Gabriella, we’ll see what she wants to do for the day. Of course, we still have the tiara and some other jewels which we'll make available if she wants,” said the Monaco sovereign.