The circus loving Princess Stephanie and her daughter Pauline Ducruet celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Monte Carlo International Circus Festival in Monaco with a grand gala on Tuesday. The mother-daughter duo enjoyed the festival along with Prince Albert II of Monaco, Stephanie’s brother. This year the festival has done away with the traditional awards competition.

The special tribute edition this year featured a grand gala night. The annual circus festival brought together the best acts from five continents in one-ring. Stephanie is an unofficial ringmaster of the event. Sources said that the New Generation Festival, which is now in its fifth season, was organized mostly to let Pauline learn the rope.

“It was her choice but there’s great complicity between Stephanie and Pauline,” the insider added. The 21-year-old daughter of Stephanie and her first husband Daniel Ducruet, Pauline spent a summer during her childhood working in an elephant act with Swiss Circus Knie. “Pauline has the circus bug,” said Dr Alain Frere, who helped inspire Stephanie’s father, Prince Rainier III, to create the Monte Carlo circus in 1974.

Pauline loved the circus and said that does not understand people who do not love the circus; a source said adding she loved it for the variety of the shows, the commitment and the passion of the performers. The insider added that they shared a lot like friends. The mother and daughter sit and talk non-stop to one another.

The insider told that Pauline and Stephanie keep a running commentary up on acts, critiquing tricks. He added that the Grimaldis are a circus family and it was in their genes.

Meanwhile, Stephanie and Pauline hosted nearly 1,000 performers, cast members and staff to a late-night supper after a four-hour long performance on Sunday evening during the festival. They also enjoyed with everyone and the young Pauline even managed to organize a selfie with her mom and a few out-of-costume clowns. Even Prince Albert II of Monaco Stephanie’s brother was present during the event.