PrismOne Group, Inc., a leading provider of managed technology services to targeted vertical market clients with growth challenges, recently announced that the company has selected Axcess International, Inc. (AXSI.OB) as the supplier of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology for PrismOne’s pilot product, Presence Response and Intelligent Systems Management (PRISM).

PRISM will enable real time analysis of building environments through the use of presence tracking to modify, manage and control environmental systems such as lighting and HVAC to optimize energy efficiency. PRISM will be integrated into PrismOne’s web-based interface as an additional module and integrated with the existing communications and network modules.

Samir Burshan, chief executive officer of PrismOne, stated, “I was educated as an architect and feel very strongly about building sustainability. In our capacity to develop technology solutions, I wanted to provide a way to answer the frustrating questions of why lights in an empty space are left on, or an AC is cranked down to 72 degrees or a TV or stereo is on when there is no one there — anywhere!”

He continued, “RFID is just one component of PRISM but an important one. We didn’t make this decision quickly. We wanted to find the right technology for our solution, and, after one year of searching, reviewing and re-reviewing our short list, we feel that Axcess is the best company to partner with to provide us that technology.”