Pro Bowl 2012 was similar to most past Pro Bowls -- it featured a whole lot of offense and little defense -- but did debut a new wrinkle by allowing players to tweet during the game.

The NFL doesn't allow players to tweet during regular-season games, but decided to establish two computers to allow players to tweet during the game - likely a move to generate some social media interest in a largely meaningless game.

The AFC won the game 59-41 behind Miami Dolphins wide receiver Brandon Marshall's Pro Bowl-record four touchdowns. In addition to dazzling on the field, Marshall was one of a few players that used the NFL's computers to tweet out messages about the game.

@BMarshall19 Miami Dolphins. It's our time!! We will win. Follow me on Twitter @BMarshall19. Fins up!! #probowl.

Marshall wasn't the only one to tweet about the Pro Bowl, though. Here are a few other NFL players that tweeted from Hawaii on Sunday:

@ericweddle1 Now that's what I call a pre-game performance that was beautiful #godblessamerica.

@TheJimmyGraham Almost Kick off time at Aloha stadium...excited to play in my first Pro Bowl...go NFC. YOLO

@GregJennings Having a blast out here...bout to go out on O to catch some more passes!!

@ajgreen_18 first pro bowl TD!! blessed!! #probowl

width=2 @MilletLite40 first series was great!!! it was an honor just to be on the field with all the guys !!!! #gigem #probowl