Who goes No. 1? Who’s the first to take a kicker? Position need or best available?

All of the questions typically associated with fantasy football drafts may creep their way into the NFL's Pro Bowl.

With pressure to make the Pro Bowl more competitive and entertaining, the NFL is reportedly toying with the idea of a draft format to be implemented as early as 2014.

The league has taken serious heat over the last two years, especially in 2012, when players were taking plays off, and fans piled on criticism.

According to Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports, the players union suggested to owners the idea of team captains “and/or other parties” selecting players to fill out the two teams after fans and clubs have made their picks.

The draft could even take place on primetime television, making long waits in the green room during the NFL Draft pale in comparison.

It could morph into a playground setting, with quarterback Aaron Rodgers forced to take a back-up left tackle because Peyton Manning snagged Jake Long with his last pick.

Rodgers was one of the first players to speak up about how lackadaisical his NFC teammates were in 2012, and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said he was even considering cancelling the event altogether unless play picked up.

The idea opens up lots of opportunities for the NFL, and could build drama before the game. Teammates could ended up pitted against each other, like San Francisco’s Patrick Willis laying out fellow 49er Frank Gore like he never could in practice.

La Canfora said the game will still most likely take place in Hawaii, and that while several kinks still have to be worked out, the league is seriously considering the change.

Depending on who is named a captain or who the other “party” is, would a quarterback go No. 1? A kicker last? Perhaps collusion by the players to make sure Tom Brady or Eli Manning get picked last no matter what?

Those kind of debates may be just what the Pro Bowl needs.