The 2014 Pro Bowl will feature a different format than in previous years, and in addition to the changes in the game, both teams will sport new uniforms.

Nike, which replaced Reebok as the official apparel brand of the NFL last year, has scrapped blue and red as the team colors for the AFC and NFC. Instead, the players will wear jerseys highlighted by bright orange and volt yellow.

“Worn by some of the league’s best, the uniform features amplified design details like vibrant color accents and Pro Bowl achievement stars on the nameplates,” the league said in a statement. “Reflecting by the pace of the game, these concept uniforms are punctuated by accents of vibrant orange and volt.”

The new jerseys come with a different makeup of the Pro Bowl rosters. No longer will players from the NFC face the AFC. Now, the clubs will be determined by a draft. The two leading vote-getters will go one-by-one, selecting their teammates. Hall of Famers Jerry Rice and Deion Sanders will assist the two captains, along with two fans that won their fantasy football leagues.

Several in-game rules will also be different. Kickoffs have been eliminated completely, and teams will start their possession on the 25-yard line, after giving up a score. The league is also looking to speed up the pace of the game, reducing the play clock from 40 to 35 seconds.

The 2014 Pro Bowl is scheduled for a week before the Super Bowl on Jan. 26. Last year, 12.5 million viewers watched the yearly event.