Pro-Pointer, Inc., through their wholly owned subsidiary Coenzyme-A Technologies, Inc., is a company that has applied new technology to the formulation and manufacture of a series of proprietary products. These products address nutritional deficiencies that result from the stress of modern day living, chemical imbalances within the body, and the deleterious effects of aging.

Coenzyme-A is the first nutraceoutical manufacture and utilization of cellular Coenzyme-A (The Master Coenzyme). Coenzyme-A contains a specific set of substrates. The design of these is to assist the body in converting fats, carbohydrates and proteins into energy at the cellular level.

Last week, Pro-Pointer, Inc., through their subsidiary Coenzyme-A Technologies, Inc., announced their Coenzyme-A™ “MODULATOR MATRIX V.” This proprietary nutraceutical formula addresses the symptoms of perimenopausal and menopausal women. With the ever-rising demand for products that can naturally address and effectively correct the symptoms of these conditions, the Company believes that this Coenzyme-A development represents a market value well exceeding $5 million in annual revenues.

Yesterday, Pro Pointer, Inc., through Coenzyme-A Technologies, Inc., announced their latest proprietary formulation, the COENZYME-A “Body Energizer Drink”™. The drink formula contains a balanced combination of active nutritional components, cognitive enhancers and cellular energy promoting nutrients, immune system boosters and detoxifying agents.

Today, Pro-Pointer, Inc., via Coenzyme-A Technologies, Inc., announced the introduction of their latest Nutraceutical development, the “MODULATOR MATRIX I” formula, which is designed to help the individual user cope effectively with today’s stress and anxiety syndromes. Coenzyme-A Technologies, Inc. independently developed the proprietary Coenzyme-A nutraceutical product “MODULATOR Matrix I” that naturally addresses hormonal imbalances.

Nickolaos D. Skouras, Ph.D., President of Coenzyme-A Technologies, Inc., explains that both stress and anxiety can cause a cascade of biological reactions that occur in the brain. An over stimulation of the Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal axis, over time, can damage the immune system and cause a variety of health issues. Current studies also show that the metabolic enzyme (Coenzyme-A) plays a major role in the body’s ability to cope with stress, anxiety, and depression and further strengthen the immune system.
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