The Los Angeles Police Department is searching for Hollywood film producer Brian Gerber, who has been missing for two days. The Wrap is reporting that Gerber, who is married to actress Arabella Fields and has two sons, went missing at about 4p.m. on Monday.

"Two individuals with knowledge of the case told The Wrap that the producer left a suicide note," reports the outlet. "Those same sources said the police have found Gerber's car in the Los Angeles Crest, but police would not officially confirm out of concern for Gerber's family."

The site notes the similarities between the case and the recent suicide of director Tony Scott, who jumped to his death off the Vincent Thomas Bridge in San Pedro, Calif., on Aug. 19.

Laist purports that friends and family of the 41-year-old are expressing their concerns via Facebook. The site also links to an LA Now story about a man who was found dead in his car on Wednesday morning. It is unclear whether or not the body is Gerber's.

According to CBS, Gerber recently became despondent after suffering professional setbacks. 

In 2007, Gerber produced the global warning documentary "The 11th Hour." The film features Leonardo Dicaprio and explores how the ecosystem can be better protected. The following year, he produced "The Dungeon Masters," a quirky animated feature inspired by Hurricane Katrina. This year he served as executive producer of "Walk and Talk: Behind the Scenes of the West Wing Reunion," which was presented by

Gerber's cell phone signal was tracked in Cudahy, Calif. He was last seen driving a silver 2004 Toyota Prius.